Monday, January 9, 2017

Greetings Earthlings from the Planet Xeenoid....we are coming to Earth on Saturday, May 6 in your year 2017 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Starbase Columbus during the Out of this World Festival. Representatives from all sectors of the Galaxy will be present for this monumental occasion. We have also been informed that this year marks the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars and the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek: TNG. We understand that this is also FREE COMIC BOOK be sure to visit Moore Comics next door to Starbase to get freebies....The Out of this World Festival will feature special guests (TBA), Free Live Entertainment, Cosplay, Games and Activities for the young Earthlings, Food and more. You are hereby advised not to miss this event...

End Transmission......

Friday, October 4, 2013

Past Event Photos

Local Magicians perform in 2012
Lego Lasernauts from Groveport, OH
What did K-9 find in the Land of OZ?

Uh Oh....Houston...We have a problem!
Free Comic Book Day 2013 @ Moore Comics

Sci-Fi Parade of Flags

FREE Comic Book Day  2013 @ Moore Comics
Gaming Room @ Moore Comics

A fan from Indianapolis, IN poses in the Captain's Chair at Star Base Columbus
The Klingons and the Federation

Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars Costuming club.

USS Asgard created this Viking Boat following the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard

Star Trek Fans shop at Star Base Columbus
USS Maximillian's recruting table 2009
A Dayton, OH fan brought his Dalek for photo ops

A Westerville , OH Star Wars fan displays the light saber props he made.
A visitor from New York aspires to be an Astronaut
A Mr. Spock fan

The Next Generation of Trekkers!
Star Base crew member working the registration table 2012
The Admiral posing for a photo op in the Captain's Chair inside Star Base Columbus
One of the "Ancients", Creators of the Stargate
A Columbus, OH fan made this Clockwork Droid from Doctor Who

The First Lego League of Groveport, OH does an annual robotics demonstration
Babs the Bunny shopping at Star Base Columbus
Local Klingon Club's recruiting booth
A Fan from Sciotoville, OH as Kai Opaka

Local Star Trek club booth

A fan checks out the USS Columbus table display 2009
Klingons from Dover, OH and Columbus, OH
A Columbus fan made this B-9 Robot from Lost in Space

A member of the USS Maximillian made this Interoceter from This Island Earth
A TNG fan portrays "Q"

CHA Animal Shelter Adopt-a-K9 campaign 2013
DJ Eddie

The Wayward Saints a local comedic Sci-Fi Improv group performs at the 2013 event

A member of the 501st Ohio Garrison

 Bills Bricks and Toys

Shoppers at Bills Bricks & Toys