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Friday, July 24, 2015

Lohlunat Festival, August 1st

If you enjoyed attending the Out of this World Fest on May 2 and can't wait for the next one's only about 9 months away!   But you don't have to wait that long to have a great time at Star Base Columbus.  We're hosting our first ever Lohlunat Festival.  "What's that?"  you ask.

In the Star Trek Universe, the Lohlunat Festival originated on the planet Risa and was also known as the 'Festival of the Moons".  It was held at the Summer Resort at Suraya Bay, an annual summer event during which Risians celebrated their culture's welcoming diversity.  On Risa visitors participate in numerous activities where they can earn Lohlunat favors and lohlunat pearls which can then be traded for prizes.  Some of the activities included flying lessons with a jet-pack, creating sand sculptures and a Horga'hn hunt. 

Here at Star Base Columbus we've adapted the idea of the Lohlunat Festival for Terrans.  We will host a Multi-Cultural Celebration of the Moons, meaning any and all moons, real or fictional and the importance of our own Moon among the cultures of Earth.  Our Lunar Street Fair will include games, trivia contests, a Tiki Scavenger Hunt, a Retro Video Game Arcade, Moon Themed Videos and many other activities where participants can be awarded Lohlunat beads and coins that can be traded in for door prizes, Star Base Gift Certificates and other fun stuff!

Admission is Free and the event is appropriate for fans of all ages.  We will be accepting donations to benefit the "SAVE STAR BASE COLUMBUS" Campaign.  


Choose your Quest!
You'll have the opportunity to choose a Quest which will require you to find certain things,
answer trivia questions and so forth.  If you complete a quest you'll have opportunities to win Star Base Gift certificates and other great prizes!

Quest of the Tiki gods

Ku - Ancient Tiki god of war
Lono - Ancient Tiki god of Fertility & Peace
Kane - Ancient Tiki god of Light & Life
Kanaloa- Ancient Tiki god of the Sea

 Martian Lunar Quest

The Red Planet was named for the Roman god of war.  It's two moons Phobos( Fear) and Deimos ( Panic) were named after the
horses that pulled the chariot of the Greek war god Ares.

Jovian Lunar Quest

The largest planet in our solar system,  Jupiter is named for the supreme god in Roman mythology (also known as Jove), who was the god of the heavens and the sky.  The planet boasts 67 known moons.  The 4 major ones are Europa, Ganymede, Io and Callisto were discovered by Galileo in 1610.  They are named for the lovers of Zeus, the Greek counter part of Jupiter.

 Saturnian Lunar Quest

The planet Saturn is named for the Roman god of agriculture. It is the second largest planet in the solar system and has 62 known moons.  The major ones are Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Dione, Rhea and Titan.

 Uranian Lunar Quest

The planet Uranus is named for the god of the sky. Each of  its 13 moons is named for a characters in Shakespearean literature. The major moons are Oberon, Titania, Ariel, Umbriel and Miranda.

 Neptunian Lunar Quest

The planet Neptune is named for the Roman god of the sea and earthquakes and was the brother of Jupiter.  It has 14 known moons named for water deities in Greek mythology someof which include Triton, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea and Larissa.

 Plutonian Lunar Quest

Pluto is a dwarf planet in our solar system is named for the Greek god of the underworld.  It has five moons. The largest, Charon is named for the ferryman in Greek mythology who carried dead souls across the river Styx.  Kerberos is named for the many headed dog that guarded the entrance to the underworld.  Styx is named for the river the souls had to cross over to get to the underworld.  Hydra was a multiheaded monster that guarded the entrance to the        underworld. Nix was the mother of Charon.

 Animal Mythologies

 Asian cultures tell legends of the rabbit on the moon,  Native American legends are about wolves and the moon, African legends
tell of frogs and the moon and of course in western culture we talk about the Man in the Moon.  

 Tatooine Lunar Quest

Tatooine is a fictional planet in the Star Wars Universe, the home of Anakin and Luke Skywalker.  It is the first planet in the binary Tatoo Star System.  It has three moons, Ghomrassen, Guermessa and Chenini.

 Star Trek Lunar Quest

Did you know the moon of the Klingon Home World (Qo'nos) is Praxis.  Andoria, the moon of the gas giant Andor, is located in the Kandari Sector and is home to the blue skinned Andorians.  The planet Risa has two moons, neither of which has a name.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pictures of 2015 Festival

Follow the link below to see pictures of the 2015 Out of this World Festival as well as festival highlights from past years!

Past Festival Highlights

Friday, May 8, 2015

Festival a HUGE Success

The 2015 Out of this World Fest was a HUGE success!  We estimate attendance was about 400 people.  Stay tuned to this page for updates and photos of the event!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Last Minute Addition - 3-D Printer Demos

Full Print Boogie, a local 3-D printing company will be on hand at the festival on Saturday to demonstrate 3-D printing technology.  They will specialize in costume pieces for cosplay such as prosthetics and weaponry & more!  Stop by their booth and watch the demos all day long!

Friday, April 24, 2015

New Feature: Arts & Crafts Booth

This year we've added an arts & crafts booth to the festival.  There will be a variety of handmade One-of-a-kind items and  jewelry for sale.  Many items will have a Sci-fi/Fantasy, Comic Book, Outer Space or Retro theme.   Proceeds from this sale will benefit the Save Star Base Fund.  If you're looking for something truly unique and different you will find it here!  (Photos to be posted soon)

The Countdown is ON!

The Out-of-this-World Fest and Free Comic Book Day event is just ONE WEEK AWAY!  All the guests and exhibitors listed here are definitely confirmed. (There may also be a few surprise guests not listed.)  Star Base Columbus and Moore Comics will be abuzz with activity in the coming week working out the final details and finishing touches.  This promises to be our BIGGEST and BEST event ever.  Please come out and share a day of fun with us!


Star Wars Props on Display
Local Star Wars Prop Maker William Witten will be on hand at the Out of this World Fest to show off some of his latest creations.  William has been designing props and costumes for a number of years. Be sure to stop by his booth and check out the cool things he has on display!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Marcon Reps to attend Festival

Multiple Alternative Realities Convention
Members of the MARCON convention committee will be on hand for the Out of this World Fest to hand out fliers and promote the convention which takes place May 8-10 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Columbus.  MARCON proudly celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Wayward Saints to Perform

We're pleased to add the Wayward Saints to our line-up on May 2.  This is a comedy improv group based in the Doctor Who universe.  The group performed at our festival in 2013.

Performances on May 2 will be at 2:00 and 4:00 PM with encore performances if time permits.


Doctor Who is gonna fix it
Companion Search
The Fungus Amungus

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dedicaton of the Festival

This year's Out-of-this-World Festival will be dedicated to three individuals who have recently gone on to the Final Frontier.

The first is Nick Winks...known for his contributions to local conventions like Marcon, Context and DeConpression.  He was a great friend and supporter of local fandom.

The second is Steve Glenn who was a true die-hard Star Trek fan. He and his wife were well known by the entire staff at Star Base and had been customers as long as anyone can remember. 

The third of course is Leonard Nimoy...our beloved Mr. Spock, one of the most popular characters in Star Trek history...

There will be a memorial display to remember and honor these 3 individuals, as well as other friends who have passed on.