Dedication of the Festival

Each year if there has been a death in the local Sci-fi community the Out of this World Festival is dedicated posthumously to a local fan (or fans) who has made a significant contribution locally to our Sci-fi community.  This year the honor goes to 2 recipients, Lori (Dixon) Warren and Anna (Cowgill) Bare Price. 

Lori & Charlie

Lori was originally from Sunbury, OH but had lived most recently in the Columbus area. She passed away unexpectedly on November 13. She and her service dog known to many as "Starbase Charlie" volunteered at Starbase Columbus.  She was instrumental in breathing new life into the store after it was purchased by the Federation in May of 2016.  Her enthusiasm for Star Trek and Science Fiction in general was contagious, as was her kindness and generosity to everyone she met. 


Anna was born in Cumberland, OH and lived in Columbus with her husband and her son. After a brief illness she also passed away unexpectedly on June 17, 2016.  She was a huge Science Fiction fan as well as a fan of Nascar racing.  She was a member of the USS Columbus, a local chapter of Starfleet International.  When anyone needed help she was always the first to volunteer. Since 2012 she and her husband Doug were  frequent volunteers at events sponsored by Starbase Columbus.  She particularly loved the Out of this World Festival and looked forward to helping with it each year.

2016 - Steve Harper
2015 - Nick Winks, Steve Glenn and Leonard Nimoy
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2013 - Randy Price
2012 - Manny Medina, Terry Mcpherson
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2010 - Joe Manning