It's a costume party!

The Out of this World Festival is our signature event of the year, and since this marks our 25th anniversary the party will be bigger and better than ever!  And what fun is a Science Fiction Festival without costumes?  The history of costumes in Science Fiction has been rich and colorful from the 1950's to the present.....we've seen any number of spacemen, astronauts, monsters, aliens, robots and the like for nearly 70 years!  The collage above shows just a sample of Sci-fi costuming over the decades and the possibilities are endless!

This year we're going to forego the traditional costume contest........instead, everyone who comes in costume will receive a 10% discount off their first purchase at Starbase and will be eligible to enter a drawing to win a $50 shopping spree!  The more far out and original the costume is the better......because we will also be secretly scouting the festival for attendees wearing unique space themed costumes and those individuals may have further opportunities to win prizes during the festival!  So come to the Out of this World Festival and show off your unique Sci-Fi style!